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So…just how bad are Irish Universities?

So, the THES world rankings are out and there will no doubt be the usual wailing and fingerpointing. Why are no Irish universities in the top 10? the top 100? etc etc (hint…its expensive to be there….) . Yes, there … Continue reading

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Actually, Irish universities are really outstanding.

Irish universities are world class. Really. So says the Shanghai rankings, the ones that perhaps are most heavily weighted against the strengths of Irish unis. How do we know? Well the 2013  rankings season kicks off with the Shanghai Academic Rankings. … Continue reading

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The state of Irish higher education A selection of interesting quotes from the outgoing president of IFUT 

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TCD : ‘Leiden’ the pack in Irish universities

The Leiden world university rankings are out. We’re ranked at 48, up from 63 last year, and have therefore moved into the top 50 in the world in this ranking. UCD is ranked 281, UCC 181. Which is nice…but dont … Continue reading

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What do university rankings measure?

Making public or institutional decisions on the basis of no measures is bad. It is not however necessarily the case that making them on the basis of flawed measures is better. In the parable of the blind men and the elephant a number … Continue reading

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Restrictive Practices in Higher Education in Ireland

The Chairman of the Higher education Authority is no stranger to controversy. His most recent interesting comment came when he commented against the “restrictive work practices” of the third level, stating “There are very restrictive HR practices imposed on our higher … Continue reading

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(why) have irish universities slipped in the rankings?

So, as Ferdinand Von Prondzinski so well states, the new academic season is one that in increasingly revolving around the beat of the various rankings. And, a new batch is now out, this time from QS. Its a well regarded … Continue reading

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A league of their own

Universities are complicated beasts, with multiple products and multiple stakeholders. It is folly to think that any one metric can ever completely or even adequately capture what goes on. That said, there is a large and booming business in metrics. … Continue reading

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