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What will solve the jobs crisis?

This is an extended version of an opinion piece published in the Irish Examiner on Saturday 18 May. The new government jobs initiative is welcome, in so far as it again demonstrates an acknowledgement by them of the seriousness of … Continue reading

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Presentation to the Oireachtas Committee on Finance 15Feb2012

Below is a version of the written presentation I circulated to members of the Oireachtas Committee on Finance at our discussions today on ELA and Promissory Notes. ELA is money. It is not a bond. Dealing with ELA does not … Continue reading

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(so far 8) questions on the Fiscal Compact which I would like answered..

Following up on my blogpost today and just in time for the sunday business and talking heads shows, some questions spring to mind on the Fiscal Compact. Feel free to pose these to relevant politicians or better yet to answer … Continue reading

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The fiscal compact: maybe inevitable, hardly sensible

This is an extended version of a column published in the Irish Examiner, Saturday 4 Feb 2012. The fiscal compact that we have now seen agreed to, the Not Quite an EU treaty as it has been termed, is … Continue reading

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